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If you are looking for an artwork please cut and paste the below questionnaire to fraser@agallery.co.uk , answer the questions, send it back today and we will send you images of Art by professional artists to your taste! Please give as much information on the type of art you like as possible as this will help us send you the right type of works.

1 Are you looking for an Artwork?

2. What medium do you prefer?
oil on canvas / acrylic on canvas / water colour / drawing / print / bronze sculpture / ceramic sculpture / other (please state)

3. What genre do you like?
landscape / figurative/ abstract / decorative / conceptual / humorous / pop art / photorealist / impressionist / other (please state)

4. Are there any colours you especially want in the Artwork?

5. What size are you looking for?

6. What price range would you consider spending on an Artwork that you really liked?

7. Do you mind receiving images of Artworks that are more expensive?

8. Please give any more specifics; any other information that might be useful for us to find the right object.

Please give us your contact details. These are protected under the data protection act, we will not pass your details to any other individual or organisation.




Phone number

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We will help u find the perfect artwork!

We will help u find the perfect artwork!


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