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Coldplay Commission Mila Furstova for their Album Art

We got Mila Furstova the job of making the album art for Coldplay's Worldwide No.1 album Ghost Stories. Mila's art was seen by a billion people around the world. Coldplay attended the opening of her show and sales of her art raised over £100,000 for children's charities.

Read about it here:


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The Independent Compare Christy Lee Rogers to Caravaggio, Titian and Ruben

"The ethereal payoff is indeed redolent of a mix of Masters – the vivid hues of Titian, the straining bodies of Rubens, the sun-dappling chiaroscuro of Caravaggio, but also the loose brushstrokes and fluid movement of Delacroix; hints, too, of the Tiepolo-esque heavenly ascents adorning many an 18th-century Venetian chapel." - The Independent  ...  rs-8435864.html

(Ethereal means delicate and light ina way that seems not of this world. Redolent means that it reminds you of something. Chiaroscuro in art is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark. Tiepolo is the surname of a famous Italian painter)

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Paul Normansell - GQ Man of the Month

In an honour ususally bestowed upon Movie and Pop stars, GQ Magazine has made Paul Normansell Man of the Month saying: "Now regarded as one of the most innovative young artists in the world" and "Brandon Flowers commissioned the artist to design the sleeve of his band's third album; MTV voted it the finest cover of the decade and Rolling Stone called it the best art of 2008." The legendary photographer David Bailey took the photograph of Paul, just before shooting Prince Harry!

See Paul Normansell's works here:

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Raoof Haghighi Wins Artist of the Year from Artist and Illustrators Magazine

"Raoof's art works have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award 2011, Threadneedle Prize 2012 & 2013, RBA The royal society of British artists 2014 & RP Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2014. He was also chosen Overall Winner of ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2011 by Artist & Illustrators -the UK's number 1 magazine for original art." - Artists and Illustrators Magazine

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The Killers Commission Paul Normansell for album and video art

The Killers, commissioned Paul Normansell to do the artwork for their album "Day and Age" and single "Human" after seeing our article in GQ magazine. The Killers loved the paintings Paul did for them so much that they based their video for "Human" around his work which has been seen by tens of millions of people!

Rolling Stone called it The Best Album Art of 2008.

The Wikipedia on the album and single are here:

Day and Age: Human:

And you can see the video on The Killers site:

(copyright info: This image is copyright of Universal Music and can only be used to illustrate a discussion of the music or art itself)

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Thomas Ostenberg Praised by The Times

The Times art correspondant Dalya Alberg said "(Thomas Ostenberg) is an appropriate choice (for Sculptor of the London Olympics) as his works have a recurring sporting theme."

See:  ...  icle4776109.ece

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Wall Street Journal on Marco Sanges

"Says artist Gavin Turk, “Marco Sanges’ art is like going to a theatre through different doors where suddenly a little dark hallway leads you to the main stage of the universe of dreams...” " - Wall Street Journal Magazine  ...  ml#.Uzkx_fldWLw

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We are the number one predictor of future art stars in Britain

Here is an article in the December edition of Independent papers ( ):

(Fraser Kee Scott's) gallery opened in 1997 and immediately started selecting and helping artists who will go on to be the most important artists of the 21st century. The artwork Fraser Kee Scott... chose to open with was 'Crucifix' by Alison Jackson. Alison had just got her BA from Chelsea School of Art and the photograph was for sale at £1500. 5 years later Alison Jackson won a Bafta for her Channel 4 TV show, had a best selling book in America published by Penguin and 'Crucifix' multiplied by ten in value and is predicted to do so again in the next few years. Fraser also showed Stuart Pearson Wright from that years graduates. Stuart is now tipped as the next Lucien Freud with the British Museum buying his paintings and the National Portrait Gallery commissioning his portrait of J K Rowlings. Also from their degree shows were selected Mila Judge Furstova who is currently taking America by storm and Thomas Ostenberg who recently sold three monumental bronze sculptures to a trustee of The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. Fraser does more than just select the very finest artists he also has a great ability at helping them reach their full potential. Other examples of his exceptional ability of selecting and helping the future art world leaders are his selling more work between 2000 and 2003 than any other gallery for Dean Marsh who won the most prestigious portrait competition in the world, the BP award in 2005, and showing the work of Andrew Tift for a year before he won in 2006! Actually Fraser's talent at selecting and helping artists who go on to become art stars is unparalleled with other successful predictions being showing Gereon Krebber before he won the Jerwood sculpture prize, Diarmuid Byron O'Connor before Her Royal Highness, Sophie of Wessex unveiled his 'Peter Pan' at Great Ormond Street, offering Natasha Kissell's works many years before her Tatler interview or purchases by Saatchi,... the list goes on and on. Fraser is keen to point out that he likes to find out exactly what a client needs and wants so if you are looking for a very special artwork by a rising star in art contact him today!

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex unveils 'Tinkerbell' at Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital

On Thursday the 29th of September 2005 just after 1.30pm Sophie Her Royal Highness Sophie the Countess of Wessex unveiled Diarmuid Byron O'Connor's 'Tinker Bell' at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital ( ). There are 150 of the sculptures for sale to the public.

Great Ormond Street is to benefit by 17% of gross proceeds from the sale of each sculpture. According to the Evening Standard the children's hospital has had a recent drop in funding after the copyright fell away in the USA from J M Barrie's Peter Pan story recently and this sculpture is one way of gaining some much needed extra funds.

For further information or if I can help in any way please email

IMAGE: Her Royal Highness Sophie the Countess of Wessex holding 'Tinker Bell' by Diarmuid Byron O'Connor, Bronze, Length 17 cm's, £1742.50, 17% of gross proceeds to Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital

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ES Magazine Introduces Paul Normansell  ...  tein/