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Slumdog Millionaire Superstars Agree to Portrait

Freida Pinto and Dev Patel, the lead stars from the biggest movie of 2009, came into Wanted Gallery on 16th October 2009 and agreed to Paul Harvey doing a painting of them. If they like what he paints they will own the painting and sign some limited edition prints (GG Gallery will donate 10 of those to a charity that helps literacy in India.)

It was a lovely co-incidence because the title of Paul Harvey's show which opens on 21st October is "Famous Doubles" and Freida and Dev are the most famous double in the world in 2009!

To see the art in "Famous Doubles" click this link:

(Image taken by João Sá E Sousa)

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Thomas Ostenberg has GLOWING essay written on him by former assistant director of Guggenheim

The sculptor Thomas Ostenberg has enjoyed success since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1997. Kate Bush bought one of his early works, he had a sculpture placed in the memorial to Princess Diana in a Kensington Hospital and three over 3 meter tall bronzes commissioned by one of the trustee's of the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.

However he has surpassed all these with the biggest indicator that he will reach my prediction and become the most important sculptor of the 21st Century. He has had a GLOWING essay written on him by Jan E Adlmann, a former assistant director of New York's Guggenheim.

Adlmann says 'As an art historian, as well as a special enthusiast for the art of Greece, Rome and Egypt, this viewer is struck by the echoes of those formgiving traditions in Ostenberg’s sculpture. Without a doubt, Ostenberg has encircled and marveled at great works of the Greeks --- and the Romans --- whose unforgettable figures pulse with life, and are often wreathed in big, broad smiles. One could say that --- Ostenberg’s works, at their best, make innocent laughter contagious.'

For the full essay please request it from . For further information just ask.

IMAGE: 'Leap of Faith', Bronze, 1.55 m high

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Rolling Stone Call Paul Normansell's Art "No.1 Album Art of 2008"

Out of all the album covers in the world Rolling Stone readers voted Paul Normansell's No.1


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Thomas Ostenberg selected to be the sculptor at Glyndebourne for 2008

The Glynebourne Opera selected Thomas Ostenberg to display on their grounds in 2008. Glyndebourne has only ever shown A List sculptors in the past, like 2007 was Anthony Gormley, so this is a great honour. In their catalogue Glyndebourne write:

Thomas Ostenberg worked for 15 years as a financial consultant before training as a sculptor. His work celebrates the natural world with humour and compassion; the figurative compositions transcend their subject in a search for balance, showing an ecstatic confidence and poise. Ostenberg works in bronze. He trained at the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute and later, with a grant from the Henry Moore Foundation, at the Royal College of Art. ‘Striving for a sense of harmony … inspires me to make sculpture. I aim to stimulate emotions, feelings and the imagination. I want to create an atmosphere conducive to well-being, happiness and joy.’

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Commission by Cass Foundation for The Olympics

News from the Cass Foundation on Mr. Cass' £11m investment in Olympic sculpture including a monumental work by Thomas Ostenberg:

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The Wharf

Canary Wharf's weekly paper writes an article on Thomas Ostenberg's forthcoming Pall Mall Show 'Balance', which opened on the 4th of September. Ostenberg

YouTube of the opening of "Balance" by Thomas Ostenberg

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City AM writes about Thomas Ostenberg

One of London's major financial papers writes about how Thomas Ostenberg was Vice President of City Bank in Spain and Brazil before deciding to be an artist, and mentions the show we put on for Thomas Ostenberg at Mint Leaf in the City:

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Stanford Business Club

Stanford Business Club wrote this fascinating article on Thomas Ostenberg's change from business guru to sculptor:

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Edward Lucie Smith

Edward Lucie Smith, One of the UK's most famous art critics wrote this essay on Thomas Ostenberg: