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Evening Standard

The Evening Standard reports on Anne Marie White's nude sculpture in A Gallery.

The BBC also reported on it both on Radio 2 and the BBC Worldwide website:

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Chairman of Tate Visits Us

The Chairman of the Tate Paul Myners (who is also a non executive director of the Bank of England and director of Guardian Media Group) visited us to see a show by his most powerful and admired critics - The Stuckists! While in our gallery Mr Myners said he did not know why the Stuckists were so critical of the work in the Tate as he thought it was similar to the work we were showing by The Stuckists!

This then ended up featuring as a piece in The Independent:

Image: Fraser Kee Scott and Paul Myners

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The Independent

The Independent reported on the Director of The British Council in Japan buying a print of Charles Thomson's 'Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Aquisitions Decision' and tries to get it delivered in time for Serota coming to his place for dinner!

Story 2 here:  ...  ery-821126.html

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The Telegraph

The telegraph wrote a piece about Fraser Kee Scott's game for the Stuckists to make a painting based on the Offili Scandal.

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The Independent

This article talks about a Stuckist show at our gallery which was at the same time as Stella Vines show at Modern Art Oxford (and which the Director of the Tate visited.)

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Local Guardian

The local guardian featured the show Go Figure on the front page of their art section saying:

"Eight of the world's hottest figurative artists are coming to London this month. but don't go hunting for them in the East End. The only place to see Go Figure is in ... Fraser Kee Scott's gallery."

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Time and Leisure

Time and Leisure featured Gay Ribisi's art on their fron cover for April!

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Andrew Tift Wins Most The Most Prestigious Portrait Competition in the World

The BP Portrait Award is the most prestigious portrait competition in the world, promoting the very best in contemporary portrait painting. With a first prize of £25,000 the exhibition has proved the launch pad for the careers of a number of successful portrait artists.

Andrew Tift's winning portrait is a triptych of Lucian Freud's first wife, Kitty Garman, whom Freud painted many times. She used to live just outside Andrew's home town of Walsall, whose New Art Gallery houses her family's works of art, the Garman Ryan Collection. Andrew had been working on portraits of Kitty for a small show at the Gallery and this triptych is part of that series. Its style was inspired by John Freeman's 1960s Face To Face TV interviews.

You can read more about Andrew and the BP Portrait Prize here:

We offered Andrew Tift's portrait service for a year before he won the prize which follows on from our success with Dean Marsh who we sold more works for between 2000 - 2003 than any other gallery and who won the BP award in 2005.

You can find out about commissioning a portrait by Andrew Tift here:  ...  8e8bfb09d7733ae

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Chris Parks and Oscar Winning Father Make Visuals for Hollywood Blockbuster

Chris Parks and his three times Oscar winning father Peter Parks were commissioned by director Darren Aronofsky to produce their special brand of organic fluid effects for the movie 'The Fountain' starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. In order to make his vision of space timeless, Aronofsky steered clear of traditional computer graphics and instead shot with Chris and Peter over a period of 8 weeks to produce something that was unique and would not age.

You can see the trailer for the movie here:

and Chris's art:  ...  35a68d9253c81bc